While I’ve written extensively about the convergence of Business and IT—even referring to them as a singularity—this alignment of “ideas” doesn’t yet imply an alignment of teams and processes; instead, in many companies, agility is slowed down by the incapacity of the organization to create structures in which the ever-changing and ever-expanding needs of the “business” are met with the same dynamism in IT. 

Some folks take this reality and suggest that IT is at fault.  This is an unfair and inaccurate assessment of the state of reality.  IT has a lot to do and is backlogged and in most cases works within the inherited paradigm.

Business does the same.  But business isn’t to blame either. Inertia is what is to blame.  Add to inertia the “we know it’s broken but we can use duct tape to fix it,” which is unfortunately far too common in the corporate world.

ebook: Five Keys to Ending the Battle Between Business and IT

This is exactly why we do what we do at TimeXtender. We’ve been on both sides - as ravenous business people who want data and want it now and as IT who is backlogged and busy.  People say there is a battle between the two—and perhaps there is at times—but no one wants this battle.  IT wants the business to understand that governance, access control, security and “being busy” are REAL things.  The business folks want the IT folks to understand that data changes rapidly, and every minute we lose we cede control to our competitors.  Both positions are fair but also both need fixing.

Now imagine a world in which we banish the word “battle” and get to alignment.  Imagine a world in which organizations can worry about larger issues and build flying cars, cures for diseases, new ways generating energy, and incredible and inexpensive products to help humanity.  Imagine that world.  Imagine a world in which IT folks and Business folks are in concert, in which ideas are translated into execution instantaneously. 

If you believe that data is the new form of value then you believe that democratizing data is about distributing value, generating it everywhere and having everyone benefit from it.  That’s the world TimeXtender sees.