Lightening shreds the air; thunder booms. You’re standing in the middle of an open field with your kite flying high. You know this feeling. You’re sure it’s “the billion dollar idea.” Pull the car over and log the voice memo; call every person with money you know; light the candle at both ends until the idea lifts off.

Being an entrepreneur is for the adventurous; we take risks and hope they are calculated risks, but you never know, do you? There’s a lot of adrenaline to accompany the no-holds-barred leap.

The rush can be downright addictive, and the endless flow of ideas and dynamism have undeniable allure. However, the flip side is the endless strategizing and structure building that comes with it, the midnight oil that burns for everyone from CEO to Office Manager and the stress that inevitably accompanies continuous movement and shifting realities. Then there’s the repetition. You’ve got to stick to it over a loooong time--sorry, there’s no easier way! Top this with eager impatience to bring your idea to life, and you’ve found your best friend and enemy that requires a careful eye.

The nature of startups requires agile reactions and mental flexibility. This cocktail of necessary skills and biochemical responses to stress provides an environment ripe for consistent opportunities to de-stress.

Let’s face it, after relying on wine, fast food and coffee breaks to unwind, the law of diminishing returns starts to kick in.

At TimeXtender, we believe in building a balanced organization with balanced people. Each one of us is equipped with life wisdom and the tools we need to stand tall throughout our journey. We call that a sustainable business.

Mindfulness has been our compass for recharging our minds and bodies. It gives greater clarity around what we value and what devitalizes us. It empowers the organization to make the right decisions at the right time because we know what is right for us as individuals.

There is a lot of talk about the concept of “yes, and” in mindfulness. Yes, we can be mad at a decision taken by a client AND we can simultaneously feel excited about new possibilities arising from a seeming loss. Yes, we can be data-driven AND people focused. When we open to the reality that people and systems can hold disparate experiences and goals while still moving towards a common end, we create a more creative, flexible and innovative environment. We create greater possibility for success by integrating our diversity and truths.

It’s life and business coming together, and it often results in flashes of brilliance. Because time matters, we engage fully charged…