With the advent of digital marketing, pundits prophesied that physical events would diminish, decay and eventually die. With the Internet’s inherent ability to connect people, they argued, the economics of physical events would make no sense.   

This idea, fair and fine, turned out to be incorrect. These pundits suffered from a technocratic mindset in which some basic aspects of human interaction were overlooked, notably the idea of emotional connection and the power of crowds that still befuddles those in the dismal sciences that attempt to predict the behaviors of humans.

Events do matter.

Community, Content, Commerce

For me, they are a mix of community, content and commerce, in that order. Our team at TimeXtender thrives on our connection with the community of data makers and data users. We also embrace the entire Qlik ecosystem in a way that for us is personal.  Thus, we’ll be represented at Qonnections by over a dozen X-people who will converse, connect, and cocktail with the amazing bunch of people at Qlik, their partners, their customers, and all those who want to understand how we collectively are putting data at the forefront of business and organizational focus.

We look forward to learning new things and perhaps teaching others a thing or two. Our mantra, democratizing the access to corporate data while simultaneously liberating IT, will find expression as often as possible as we spread our business philosophy backed by our technology.

What we are looking forward to

  • New partnerships We look forward to building new partnerships with other companies who can take these concepts the last mile into the amazing companies that will be in attendance.
  • Connections We look forward to connecting and reconnecting with our friends at Qlik, present and past.
  • Commerce And we look forward to commerce, if it comes out of these value-laden conversations.

Events are a fulcrum point for us. Qonnections, for TimeXtender, is at the top of the list.

Our mission statement is because time matters. We couldn’t find a better way to spend our time than with the Qlik ecosystem in Orlando. What about you? What are your goals for Qlik Qonnections?