This is probably one of those blogs that will surface at my wife’s book club dinner over a glass of wine, and will be totally misinterpreted by her girlfriends - landing me in more hot water.

I know, social media is probably not the wisest, most elegant way to explain to my wife what I do day-in and day-out.

I’ve tried countless times to explain how every waking second of my life is spent demystifying some of the myths around Business Intelligence (BI).

Business Intelligence, is often misunderstood and contains a plethora of acronyms that would make even the most seasoned scientist blush.

We’ve adopted a completely foreign language that almost mimics the Latin scientific names applied to plants or birds – and we’re constantly changing them.

We’ve even gone so far as to call experts in this field Data Scientists.

More entrants into the market and more technological acronyms are causing confusion

The reality is Business Intelligence and the use of data have become incredibly important to businesses​.

Those that can make sense of the massive amounts of data available in even the smallest financial system are being heralded as the smart-turned-sexy geeks of business.

With businesses continually looking to gain upper hand on their competitors, hundreds, if not thousands of products have entered the market to sap up some of this $14Bn market (*some are even estimating this could be as much as three or four times the size of what Gartner originally predicted in 2011).

And as more entrants move into market, and along with them, more technological acronyms - leaving business, and my wife more confused than ever before.

I’m convinced this has created a gaping hole of Business Intelligence within the SMB (Small Medium Business) sector, simply because the conversation about Business Intelligence has become too technical and difficult to interpret.



Fortunately for me, the good folks of TimeXtender have released a simple & easy to follow illustrative video that will help my wife (and business leaders) to understand why they should be considering business intelligence and how TimeXtender can help increase time to value and alleviate risk.