Imagine a safe full of jewels or a bank locker with important documents, some cash, and some valuable keepsakes.  Imagine a museum filled with invaluable art and sculpture.  Imagine a vault full of gold.  Imagine your brain full of your intellectual secrets and the know-how you’ve developed over years. 

Now imagine a Data Warehouse. 

We are in a data-driven world, both in the classic business sense but also in the sense of organization culture.  Data flows and data access are now the life-blood of roles as far flung as sales, marketing, finance, administration, and facilities.  Put simply, data is your business.

So, given that, the question we all have to ask ourselves (as we look in the mirror) is whether we are treating that data with the respect it deserves?  And are we allowing ourselves to make the most of the incredible sources of data that are exist and are freely available?  Nothing less than our ability to sustain our businesses depend on the answer to these questions.


In some ways, we need to both return to the basics and simultaneously look ahead in order to adequately find the answers.  Industry has been talking of Data Warehousing for decades and building “Data-marts” for decades as well- so there is nothing new there.  What is new, innovative, and game-changing however is the degree to which we can automate these process, ingest and absorb newer and newer data sources at a scale heretofore unprecedented and bring this to bear in the service of business-users at speeds that would have been considered insane just a few years ago.

Therein lies the power of combining the old with the new when it comes to data.  Because a data warehouse is a data warehouse, but an automated one is the competitive advantage you need to shine.

Your Data is indeed your business.  Let’s speed it up!